This is Les Mis, The Lost Boys, Being Human the t.v. show, Rocky Horror show and Hamilton all put together . At the moment this a musical diamond in the rough....some would say very rough. But after watching Hamilton I could see the songs being carried out RAPS with that Hamilton dance intensity.

Vampire Queen The Plot

There is a war raging between Vampires and the human race .

List of main Characters


She is the Queen of all Vampires ruthless beautiful tall slender with long flowing black hair she is dressed in gothic style but has the look and make up of a Japanese Geisha her choice of weapons are the crossed swords and kickboxing. She knows that she was adopted as a baby she feels let down and deserted by her parents and has no intention of finding them.

The Commander

He is Vivian's father. When he was a young soldier he spent many a time in the brothels as a result one of his whores fell pregnant giving birth to Twins one being Vivian and the other being Alex the brother who is now a werewolf. The whore dies during childbirth and the babies are sold on to desperate wealthy parents.

The Commander over the years has received word that he has two children but with his hand tied up in a brutal war he has no time to try and find them, but has promised to do so once the war is over.

The commander is not the best of commanders but he does his best and can overreact and prone to making some chronic decisions.Which ultimately will be the death of Vivian and Alex.


Alex's twin brother Vivian has a very much a brotherly love toward his sister and over the years has pieced together their story. As they were split up by birth and both had rich parents they had completely different upbringing.He becomes a double agent between the Humans and the vampires in a desperate attempt to protect Vivian as he has done his whole life.

Hit Man

He is well built Irishman black cropped hair dresses in all black shoes, trousers leather trench coat sporting a pair of shades he packs a magnum and a shotgun and is an expert in martial arts. He has one job to kill Vampires , he is tough Irishman takes no prisoners. One day he is assign to Kill Vivian who he meets and finds himself falling in love with tearing him apart between duty and his new found love


There are two

Props manager(characters still being developed)

He loved his job so much when he died he returned to the theatre where he still likes to carry out his duties moving the props around the stage as he sees fit.

Canteen manager

Ghost can not eat or drink but she still likes to cook and offers cups of coffee to the actors so food and drink appear as if from nowhere. She gets very excited in the restaurant scene.

Ultimate Scene

The final stand takes place a theatre In Chelmsford the Vampire are surrounded on the stage there is no escape this is what happens next

The hitman has Vivian in his sights standing less than 5 yards away but he can’t take the shot as he loves her, the Commander orders the hit man to take the shot...he doesn’t he just points his magnum at Vivian and shakes, the Command rushes up to take take the shot himself as he lowers his pistol to take the shot Alex jumps out of the Orchestra pit in his WereWolf form placing himself between Vivian and the Hitman and the Commander in doing so he collides with both commander and hit man this causes them both commander and hitman to fire one shot off each.

One shot hits Vivian killing her instantly the other hits The WereWolf fatally wounding him he dies eventually where he lays.


In some scenes I would like to have vampires flying over head doing fly bys the balconies on they do in Circle solie.

Scenery is simple leaving a lot to the imagination

Costumes are to be spectacular sci fi

Fight scenes to be choreographed using martial arts

The theatre is the main scenery. I really want the audience to be a part of it, especially in the last fight scene of Flying vampires, soldiers abseiling from the ceiling of the theatre you feel every bite bang and sword thrust and every punch thrown.

Vampire Queen Opening Scenes

The Grand opening scene

A blacked out stage

Then a spot light over head shines down on women laying in a hospital bed. The nurse is closing her eyes and is pulling the sheets over her face as she has just died.Another nurse can be seen walking away holding two newly born babies.

The first spot goes out

The second spot goes on

You can see the nurse holding two babies and a middle man in front of him are two sets of prospective parents. Money is seen to changed hands each parent takes a baby and walks away.

The Prostitute standing with doctors and Nurses to her left and right as she engages the audience with these words it is like she is sharing her very personal thoughts with the audience as she gets close to them so close she can touch them and look them in the eyes as she speaks.

She is just a poor whore

She is just a poor whore nobody loved her

I am just a poor whore nobody loved me

She is just a poor whore the oldest trade in history

I sold my body now look where it got me

A blow job or a hand job

I can go all the way if you wish to stay

You can take this body and I will have your money

I am just a poor whore nobody loves me

She is just a poor whore nobody loved her

She is just a poor whore nobody loved her

A lady of the night

Who can scratch and fight

Right is wrong and wrong is so right

She is just a poor whore nobody loved her

She is just a poor whore nobody loved her

I have lied

From inside I have died

Swallowed my own and many a man’s pride

I have cheated

The odds I have met and greeted

I have stolen

Wife’s and boyfriend’s hearts I have broken

Did I have a choice?

Listen to the answer in my voice

Then God gave me two beautiful babies

One boy

One girl

I was in heaven

Then life was cruel once again

Sending my dreams straight to hell

I am just a poor whore nobody loves me

She just a poor whore nobody loves her

I am just a poor whore Nobody



Will ever


Will ever love me

Turn Back the clock

I wish I could turn back the clock

In my prayers turn back the clock

Now it is too late

Far too late

Time is my judge and executioner

How I could do with a warm heart and a listener

My heart and soul are right here in the dock

I wish I could turn back the clock

I beg you dear Lord

Turn back the clock

I have lost my daughter and son

Something I could ill afford

Standing in the aftermath of my own war there should of been a great victory

I did what I believed in

I did what I thought was right

No matter what the cost

I won this God forsaken war

I can see so clearly everything i loved so dearly

I can see

I can see

What I have lost

I wish i could turn back the clock

I beg

I pray on the blood I have spilt today

That I could turn back the clock.

Stage blackout

Two spotlights are now shining down

The first is on a small desk and a leather chair

The second is the Commander's Office

The sound of a mobile phone ring rips through the theatre

Spotlight on Shaun standing in the aisles then starts to walk towards his desk on the stage

These lines are spoken the rest would be sung(Hint like rent the musical)

Shaun “Jesus why are you calling me now?”

Com “Yes Commander, How are you Sir!!!”(Polite sarcasm)

Shaun (Laughs) “Sir!! (mumbling) You little shit Sir!! I am in the theatre about to settle down and watch a musical. Do you know how long i have waited for these tickets not to mention the cost!!”

Com “Whatever we pay you it sounds way too much if you can afford to waste your time at the theatre while others have a war to fight”

Shaun “You can go and fuck yourself too!!.....Sir ,please, thank you!!!!”

Com “ Pleased to see my Irishman is in a happy place tonight. Now listen I have a job for you.

Shaun (Interrupts the commander) “Now let me guess You want me to kill a vampire”

Com “That is correct”

Shaun “surprise, surprise, surprise”

Com “Yes I will need the luck of the Irish on this Job, I want you to assassinate Vivian”

Shaun for once falls silent he has a cheeky scared look on his face he coughs clears his throat and gives out a nervous laugh.

“You want me to get so close to the Vampires so that I kill the Queen the White lady herself…. You can Fuck right off!!”

Com “In the manner of speaking yes I don’t care how you do it or the cost just get it done and that is an Order!!” (Com slams down the phone)

Shaun now engages the audience with his thoughts once again up close and personal with them

I am an assassin a killer

The bringer of death

A stealer of that final breath

I am an assassin a killer

I am the taker and breaker of whatever dreams you may have ever had

I take your one and only hope then leave you hanging on the end of rope

I put you swiftly and violently, then permanently to sleep

Once dead you are no trouble any more and to the graves the secrets

you will always keep

I am an assassin a killer

The bringer of death

A stealer of that final breath

I am an assassin a killer

A wheeler dealer in the black arts

An exit healer

For you and me the end of you is for me where it all starts

The spot light goes out on Shaun and another spot now lights up the Commander

The commander is sitting at his desk leaning over to a draw and pulls out a small tatty photo of what he believes to be the only surviving picture of his little girl.

Com takes a deep breath, he looks up to the office ceiling as if he is about to talk to God himself.

Ans sings this short verse

One day when this Godforsaken war is over (He takes another deep breath) I will find you…. I will…. I will find you

And I promise with all my heart we will make a brand new start ….just me and you….just me and you. And I will be the best father a girl could ever ask for and we will live in the happy ever after. I will… we will make up for lost time…. For lost time.

Commander now engages the audience with these words up front close and personal

Is it too late

Is it too late

To hear you call me dad

Is it too late to sit here and listen to your heart

I have never met you yet I miss you so badly

I want to hold you close keep you protected and may we never ever depart

One day

One day

Can I listen to your heart

Is it too late to love you like a father

I will not forsake you for my career or any other

So much about you to learn

So much about you I want to discover

Is it too late to make up for lost time?

Is it too late to love you like a father

I can protect you from the fall out of this war

I will not neglect you like I have been guilty of as before

Can I be there for you once again?

Can I make up for lost time?

Can I fix your pain?

The Ambush

Four soldiers out on patrol

Soldier 1 Welcome to the land of the Vampire we are now in sector 13 unlucky for some.

Soldier 2 “Unlucky for us we could be back at camp getting pissed”

Soldier 3 “Couple of shandies and you will be gone!”

Soldier 1 “And after that the only warm thing you will get is an hand shandy”

Soldier 2 “Fuck off!!”

Soldier 4 Keep it down girls as it has been so kindly pointed out we are in Vampire country now let’s show the bastards a little respect

All four soldiers Respect R.I.P.

The soldiers now enter into this dialogue with the audience making it all very close up front and personal to them.

It’s not the living

It is those who have died we do respect

The ultimate sacrifice they did not fail to neglect

For this may they rest in peace and have our respect

For them their duty is done

R.I.P brothers and sisters see you all at the final R.V. on the brightest side of the sun

One for all

All for one

R.I.P. brothers and sisters see you all at the final R.V. on the brightest side of the sun

Should my days come to a sudden end

Surrounded by foe and friend

Lay me in a grave as free man

So others may live to be free Amen

For them their duty is done

R.I.P brothers and sisters see you all at the final R.V. on the brighter side of the sun

One for all

All for one

R.I.P. brothers and sisters see you all at the final R.V. on the brightest side of the sun

The sound of a snapping twig and wing flapping in the air

Vivian and two of her cohorts descend from the heavens behind the soldiers. The soldiers put up a valiant fight but are soon overcome by Vampire martial arts and sword skills

Vivian grand entry she looks stunning ,sexy, powerful and very scary. She performs Blood of Blood once again upfront and personal

You are all fools walking these streets half asleep

So selfish I find you in your thoughts so deep

From your Adam’s apple I have no need of a second bite

Blood of blood runs from my mouth tonight

Blood of blood

Blood of blood

Between the pages of history and mythology

Blood of blood

Not to be confused or misunderstood

Blood of blood

I will build a new kingdom where Vampires rule

Our human blood banks may think this a little cruel

Blood of blood

My human friends you live on borrowed time

Die today or tomorrow makes no difference to me

One bite one pint of blood of blood closer to our destiny

Look over your shoulder the last thing you will see is a vampire

The last thing you will ever hear is the blood of blood building our empire.

WereWolf Goes on a blind date

The scene is set in a bar The Werewolf Alex is sitting at the bar. But there has been a slight problem with the online dating agency and they have sent a man who just happens to be Gay ….really outrageously gay and his name is Sam.

Werewolf Alex is sitting at the bar looking a bit nervous naturally

Alex has just finishing ordering a beer when he first becomes aware of Sam


“Make that two pints my love we don’t want that handsome youngman behind the bar getting bored now do we now”. (Sam gives the barmen a wink and sexy stair followed by a smile)

Alex is holding his pint to his mouth and is frozen motionless and speechless staring away from Sam across the bar


“Sorry my darling, how rude of me to allow me to introduce myself I am Sam and I am your blind date for the night.”


Still frozen has not moved a muscle


“You don’t say much do you?”

“Mind you I have a weakness for strong but silent type” (Giving a sligh smile and all over body shiver)


Finally takes a drink from his pint and places the glass on the bar and goes on to try and something when Sam interrupts.


“Do you mind if I have a vape… (then laughs out loud)

probably the only thing I will get to suck tonight!!”


Tries for a second sup of his beer misses mouth spills some down his shirt


“Now where is my beer darling? A girl could die of thirst round here?!”


“What a Moon! What a Moon, It was lighting the whole road, I swear I could of driven here with no lights it is as bright as your… your eyes(Sam looks directly into Alex’s eyes)


(Finds himself staring deep into Sam’s eyes)

“Oh shit!”

(He starts to convulse and falls to the floor)


“My friends at L.G.B.T. will never believe this,”

Sam gets to the floor willing to help Alex in anyway he can


“Oh shit I really need to get to the Gents”


“Would you like a hand darling”(with a caring smile)


“Nooooooo, no, no thank you!” (Alex picks himself up off the floor and runs into the gents)


“If you need anything just shout I will be right here… it is almost like he is playing hard to get”

Screams and howls come from the Gents two men appear shaken and nervous they gesture and signal to all those in the bar it might be a good idea to leave the ensuing panic Sam gets a knock in his back by someone as they leave dislodging and losing his contact lenses in the process.


“ You bitch I can’t see sweet dick now!” (desperately trying to find and fix contact lenses to no avail)

Alex has now returned half trans formed between his human and Werewolf state semi naked


Through slightly blurred vision he can see Alex has returned from the Gents

“I think we should make that more than two pints may be a keg or two if that beer has that effect on you hmmm my darling where did those muscles come from and I do like a man with a hairy chest ...but those teeth are awful they have to go! it just so happens I know a very good hygienist and dentist.”

Alex stand breathing heavy looking at Sam looking incredulous another spasm sends him howling back to the gents


“Last time I hung around a gents toilet half naked I got arrested jeez”

(shouted Sam)

Alex returns this time his Werewolf transformation complete


“Oh my giddy aunt I think i just won L.G.B.T. lottery!”

“What the fuck!”

Alex pick up Sam throw him over his shoulder walks him over to the entrance of the bar and unceremoniously but gently places Sam outside and returns to the now empty bar and sings his title song Howling at the Moon

Howling at the moon

Tonight I am howling at the moon

This time arrives far to soon

Ripping trousers and many a shirt

Come the morning I will be naked, cold and covered in dirt

I will have no clue

What I have done

Who I may of hurt

Scared but pleased to see the morning sun

Shivering covered in dirt

It all comes to soon

So soon

I find myself helpless

Howling at the moon

Howling at the moon

How I wish I had a choice

By night i howl

By day I have a voice

How I wish I a choice

No more howling at the moon

Just to have a voice.

At the end of the song the army burst into the bar shooting Alex with sleeping darts he falls to the floor that is the end of that scene

Alex meets the Hitman

Alex is now in military custody and is being interrogated by the hitman.

Alex is semi naked chained up against the wall the hitman straddle a chair with in teasing striking distance

Hitman “that was quite a show you put on tonight”

“Let me see(Holding out what looks like a bill that then unrolls and hits the floor) You completely trashed the gents toilet total cost £2500 and the ensuing panic damage caused loss of business a grand total of about, let’s say roughly now £10,000. The good news is your gay friend send his love and will not be pressing any charges on the proviso you two swap mobile numbers.

From where I am sitting my furry friend you are in the shit”

Alex (Coughs sputters then lifts his head) “I don’t know who you are, what is it you exactly want from me?”

Hitman “Now that’s what I call a very interesting question and a very good question at that.”

“I need answers, and I need them now my hound” (Tilting his head giving Alex a cheeky Irish grin)

“Tell me what you know about Vivian and her little nest of Vampires now”

“Or let’s put it another way you have been seen with her, and one last thing last night was all my doings, i switched your blind date and the rest my fur ball is history now talk!”

Alex (Looks at the hitman his eyes are on fire and his mouth is firmly shut)

Hitman “ Brave kanine … I mean man we have here now. Also a foolish and let’s say a stupid one”

“Is it a deal we need strike?, is that what you are looking for now”(Hitman is now being menacingly sarcastic as he steps over his chair spits into right hand and offers it up to Alex)

Hitman “this is the deal, let suppose you have some kind of connection with Vivian , an ex or are you a very very close friend, I don’t know and I don’t give a flying vampires fuck to be honest. I have one only interest in her and that is to kill her.(He gives a nervous laugh) Now you can stay here and rot to death and sooner or later I will find her and I promise you I will kill her(Hitman produce a magnum points the barrel at Alex’s head and carries out a mock execution) , Or you tell me everything you know

And I release you and I give you let's say a sporting chance to save this woman who has some kind of connection with you, and may the best man or dog wins. Now what can you say about that?

Alex(His brain is in turmoil it looks like his sister dies either way but if he can make an unholy alliance with the Hitman he gives his sister a slim chance of survival be it incredible slim)

Alex. (Laughs) “You have never met her or even seen her have you?”

Hitman “That may be, That may be, but you are about to change that now aren’t we?”

Alex . “O.K. I will take you to her”

Hitman “Great that is a deal, (clapping and rubbing his hands together) let’s clean us up now and we will be on our way”

Alex, (Shouts) On one condition You meet her and talk to her and find out a little more about her!!”

Hitman. “Sounds like a plan then I will blow her fucking Vampire brains out!!”

Lights out end of scene

Hitman sings I am a lean mean Killing machine

I am a lean mean killing machine

So good at it, it’s obscene

Irish grin and I am in

I am a lean mean killing machine

Choice of weapon I have a few

Death by bullet

Death by knife

I have actually been so good I have blown away a few

I am a lean mean killing machine

I am so good at it , it’s obscene

I am a user

The friendship abuser

I am in

I am out

Luck of the Irish, see I am no looser

Bringer of the long sleep

Some leave with a whisper as I have the last shout

The Vampire nest

Alex takes the Hitman to meet Vivian and it all takes an unexpected twist when the hitman and Vivian fall in love.

Vivian sits at a large round table, at this table sits her upper command. They are discussing where they should strike next.

Stephen, a vet of many campaigns highly trusted by Vivian sits to her left.

Lisa a young gun fiery and has ambitions of her own sits next to Stephen

To the right of Vivian sits Tobias, a very old vampire, the wise one.

Lisa “ I think it is time we strike out and hit London the heart of the Military, We have a third of this country let’s take the rest and take it now!”

Stephen “ We are strong and we grow stronger by the day. This would take a lot of planning and the move would have to be decisive stepping out of our comfort zone of the South East and Anglia.”

Tobias “This has always been the failure of past rulers in any campaign, Hold onto and strengthen what you have running the risk of one day losing that or enlargement and moving forward for better gain and risk losing everything you have fought for”

Vivian Stands up abruptly holding her right hand in the air

“I can smell a dog and it looks like we have company”

The other three vampire spring to their feet swords at the ready

Vivian returns to her chair and signals the other to do so likewise.

From out of the darkness walks the werewolf and the Hitman

Stephen “Look what we have here a dog and a dog of war” (he spits onto the floor)

Lisa “he looks kinda cute… the dog of war not the dog that is!” (she now look very uncomfortable and blushes)

Vivian “the dog thinks he is my brother (Lisa let go a little giggle blushes and no longer knows where to look) be it almost impossible there is something i like about him, something I can’t quite put my finger on and the stupid hound has risked his own life for me on more than one occasion.”

“Now as for the other dog, my little blood bank what do we owe this privilege?”

Hitman “I have heard so much about so I wanted to see you in person and by a twist of fate I met up with ...this Werewolf...did you say your brother(Vivian waves her hand away at this and rolls her eyes) and he very kindly agreed to bring you to me …. I meen me to you...shit!”

Vivian is looking long and hard at the hitman to the point that she can not hear the others talking to her. She has that look of curiosity, intrigue of a woman falling in love at first sight.

Eventually she snaps out of it but is dazed and confused and orders everyone to leave the room, as she tries to gain her composure.

The hitman is not doing much better he has melted into a dewy eyed Irishman who has downed 20 pints of the best. He can hardly talk or even walk.

Now there is just the two of them


“So now you are here, what can I do for you?”


“Now that is a very interesting question and that it should be a very interesting question indeed”


“And do you know the answer to this so called very interesting question”

Hitman (raises one finger opens his mouth then shuts his mouth)

“ To be honest a minute ago I did but now I don’t have a fucking clue!”

Vivian (Smiles then quickly recovers and she know she is in love and as ridiculous as it is she can no longer help herself)

“Is there any way I can be of help to you at this moment in time?”

Hitman(He is sold down the river hook line and sinker he can feel the chemistry between them)

“Oh yes by Jesus the almighty…...Holy shit no!”

(The hitman is now desperately, mentally fighting to find an exit)

“Would you mind if I come back let say another time”

Vivian(She drops her guard briefly)

“ How about next week say tuesday at 2...Only if you are not busy of course”

Hitman (walking slowly backwards and shaking to the door nodding his head)

“Yes Tuesday next week at 2”

The hitman finally makes his way back through the door Vivian puts her hands over her face

“What am I doing?”

The Hitman burst back into room

“Sorry can’t make Tuesday, can we make it Wednesday?”

Vivian (still with her hands over her face) “YES!!”

Hitman “ That will be great”

Blackout Just one spot on the Hit man singing i have fallen In love with a Vampire

I have fallen in love with a vampire

So stupid of me, so dire

There is my call of duty, my love of war

Now all I believe in is taken down to the wire

I can’t believe ...I can’t believe I have fallen in love with a vampire

Mission impossible

The situation laughable

I am a natural born killer

And I should ...I must kill her

I can not help but love her

Her the vampire

Me the natural born killer

I am a soldier of fortune

Blame this on the Werewolf whose only job is to howl at the moon

I am in love with a vampire

I am her lover

I am her killer

Why did that Wolf let me fall in love with her.

On walks Vivian she walks up to the hitman puts her hand onto his chest and pushes him to the floor

My world is upside down

From queen to a love sick clown

I love a hitman

In love with an Irishman

Irish eyes

Takes me to heaven's skies

His voice every word spoken leaves me with no choice

This is so wrong

So wrong

Confused now could someone tell me what the hell is going on?

Is he my killer?

Or my Lover?

Hitman and Vivian perform a duet Iron hearts GLass hearts

When we fight it is heart to heart

When we fight we pull ourselves apart

Not knowing where this all ends

Not knowing where this all starts

Hearts of iron

Forge by the one I love and rely on

Heart of glass

So easily broken it is tears of a master class

We both have dreams to reach

Not knowing how long these dreams will last

Like castles they crumble to futures past

When we fight it is heart to heart

When we fight we pull ourselves apart

Not knowing where this all ends

Not knowing where this all starts

Are you my lover?


Are you my killer?

The Hitman and Vivian embrace and Kiss

End of Scene

In this scene the Commander set his plan that will defeat the Vampires.

The Commander stands in front of a map of Chelmsford to the side of the map are architects plans of Civic theatre and Cramphorn theatre.To the other side a map of the U.K.

Those who are present two squadron leaders, Hitman, Werewolf.

Commander. Good morning gentleman, I trust we are all well?......Good!

Let us get started. The enemy is in retreat at last and are falling back to here (he swipes his cane hitting the map of Chelmsford).We are experiencing pockets of resistance in these counties (pointing his cane at the map of the U.K.) They are small groups and are more irritating than anything else and are living on borrowed time.(He now walks over to the map of Chelmsford) Now gentleman this is where the Vampires and their queen started this war and this is where us the Military will finish the war.

We have Chelmsford surrounded(he now points to various part of map Chelmsford)We have been carrying out probing and attacking patrols all around Chelmsford they are designed to confuse and to gather intel. The artillery and Air force have been doing an outstanding job shelling and bombing the outskirts of Chelmsford right from springfield all the way across this area to Galleywood then back again across broomfield to Melbourne following the Chignall area and some lighter shelling around Roxwell and Writtle. This has kept our friends busy and the effect have been psychological as well as physical. The heaviest of the shelling has been in Springfield area as we wish make the enemy think we are coming in from that direction and there will be a mock attack made by 1 regiment, and while that is going on 2 regiment will be steaming down Roxwell road onto Rainsford road where the S.A.S will be incontrol and holding the crossroad of Broomfield and Waterhouse lane where regiment 2 carry on right to the doorsteps of the Civic Theatre , we have to careful of these two buildings the County hotel and the Bus station apart from that we are not expecting any problems. As I said we have the S.A.S. operating all along those two roads doing what they do best and supporting 2 regiment all the way and you will have two Apache’s providing you with air support.

Commander (Now pointing at the architects plans of the Civic theatre and the Cramphorn theatre)

We know the Queen Vivian herself likes to use this theatre as her H.Q. so there is an small army protecting this army is small but they ruthless die hards and they will not give up easily if at all.

On arrival at the theatre the S.A.S. will secure the bus station and keep the enemy busy and distracted to what is actually going on at the theatre.

2 Regiment will then divide into its four flights A flight and C flight will storm the front of the civic theatre, B flight will storm the Cramphorn Theatre which will also become the medi vac area for all casualties once secured. And D flight will come through the back of the theatre here is an large open area where they will set up a kill zone making it impossible for the vampires to escape alive.

The whole operation commences in two days from now at 4 am.

Do we have any questions gentleman?

Shaun (Hitman) “where does me and the hound fit into this master plan of yours?”

Commander “the Hound is your scout,as I am sure you are fully aware he knows where to find Vivian in that theatre. So during all the ensuing confusion it’s your job to assassinate Vivian”

Shaun (hitman) “Jesus is there a plan B by any Chance?”

Commander V for Victory takes the dialogue to the audience up close and personal

There is no plan A

There is no plan B

Or C

Or even D

Just plan V for victory

My military light will shine

Every last piece of this great city will be mine

We march through battlefields of hell

To we stand on our enemies bodies piled high as the blood red sky

So loud and proud we will ring the victory bell

We will ring the victory bell

There is no plan A

There is no plan B

Or C

Or even D

Just plan V for victory

We will not be defeated

Mistakes of our forefathers will not be repeated

Our enemy sit on thrones soon to be unseated

Victory or Defeat stand impatience waiting to be greeted

There is no plan A

There is no plan B

Or C

Or even D

Just plan V for victory

No A or B or C or even D

It is V

It is V

V for victory

End of Scene

Shaun the hitman is abit of a mess after hearing the Commanders plan . The Werewolf finds himself in a similar position.

The hitman is at his desk leaning back in his chair with his feet up on the desk with his hands behind his head.

Hitman “Jesus Christ this is a mess, what the fuck am I going to do?”

(He jumps to his feet and starts to pace his office)

Hitman “I could try and tip her off…..fuck me I must be mad!!”

(he holds up his arm and hand in the shooting position)

“I can fluff my lines miss the shot…. I could use blanks no one will know…..Aaaaargh dear holy lord above ...why me?.... Why ME?”

Hit man Why me? Takes his thoughts and feeling to the audience up close and personal

If I have asked this question once

I have asked a thousand times

I need to understand, be given a chance

Why me?

Through these Irish eyes I need to see

Why me ?

Dear lord let this Irish boy walk away

I never asked for this, help me I pray

Let me die tonight

I can not live between the wrong and the right

I am a killer

I never dreamt of being a vampire lover

Why me?

O lord can’t you see

Why me?

O lord can’t you see

I am a killer (The Werewolf enters enters the office as the Hitman finishes)

I never dreamt of being a vampire lover.

(A scuffle breaks out between the two it is slightly comical as Alex is a useless fighter in his human form, and the hitman make no attempt to fight back as he tries to explain)

Werewolf “You bastard!!”

Hitman “Are shit...let me talk now”

Werewolf (Wild punches to the air and gutless frustrating punches to the hitman's body)

Hitman (Seeing the frustration and realising that the werewolf couldn’t punch his way out of a paper bag, sees the amusing side and starts to laugh)

Werewolf “I will wipe that Irish grin(one punch to the air) right off (second punch to air)your face the third punch registers with the hitman’s face knocking him to the floor but does more damage to the werewolf hand than the hitman’s face)

Hitman (picks himself up off the floor rearranges his jaw. Seeing that Werewolf is now holding his hand in some discomfort)

Hitman “Remind me to duck on three next time!”

“Give me that hand let me have a look at it now”

Werewolf “fuck you!” (offering up his broken hand at the same time)

Hitman (Pulls out a first aid kit from his desk and starts to bandage Werewolf hand)

Werewolf “So you lover her my sister...Vivian that is?”

Hitman “Well Vivian being your sister then that must be the case”

Long silence between the two as the hitman finishes tending to the werewolf’s hand

Hitman “It not like it was planned, and I haven’t seen her since you know”

Werewolf “And there layeth the problem”

Hitman “meaning?”

Werewolf “We must...I mean you must go and see Vivian and tell her what is about to happen or at least give her some kind of a chance”

Hitman “You trust me to go and do this?”

Werewolf “Like I have a choice! go go now go fuck off!”

Hitman(Stands up looks at the werewolf puts his hand on the werewolf shoulders holds them with a strong grip giving that nervous Irish smile walks away and out of the office.)

Werewolf sister ( taken to the audience up close and personal)

We are from two worlds

But from one mother

The result of a man’s money and not what we would call a lover

O sister I love you like a brother should

If i could take us back to a perfect childhood

I wouldn’t take a second breath

I wouldn’t take a second breath

I promised long ago I would protect you

Now your so strong

I don’t know what to do

Your enemies are near and for us both I now fear

If i shall die so that you may live

Between the lies and truth may you find time to forgive

If I shall die so that you may live

As an human I so weak,

As Werewolf I have the strength of a thousand men

Then I lose control

Half man, Half dog of a soul

How many times must we go through this pain again and again

If i shall die so that you may live

Between the lies and truth may you find time to forgive

If I shall die so that you may live

I die

So that you

So that you

Will live

Vivian sits on her throne on the theatre stage when two of her guards drags onto the stage a slightly worse for wear of a drop of Irish whiskey and a few welcoming punches from the guards hitman.

(Guards throw hitman to the floor and are dismissed by Vivian)

Hitman (Staggers to his feet spins around to face the guards as they leave) “Thank’s boys that was great….really great..must do it again sometime”(offering up his middle finger salute)

Vivian “Shaun!!”(spoken in what is commonly known as whisper shouting)

Hitman (Spins round faces Vivian gives cheeky Irish smile collapses to the floor) “Give me a sec ...Jesus when since has the floor been the ceiling and the ceiling been the floor?”

Vivian “And to what do I owe the pleasure this time? And have we been on the Irish falling down water?”

Hitman (still laying on the floor now facing upwards)

“I can see we are now on first name terms so can I pretend I didn’t hear the second part of that question?”

Vivian “Only if one can manage to stand without any help on his own two feet?!”

Hitman (desperately tries to climb to his own feet at first fails then succeeds eventually)

“You drive a hard bargain...but a a”

(Checking his balance then squinting to get his eyes and focusing soughted)

Hitman “I have come here to warn you.. I mean rescue you...I mean to..fuck it in two days from now the military are going to kick your beautiful vampire teeth so far down your throat you will be able to bite your own arse without difficulty!!”

“Is there any more? I think that is it”(he talks to himself)

Vivian “What do you expect or even want me to do?”

Hitman (Stutters almost desperate) “I...I expect you to run for your life while you have the chance!”(Points to the door)

“I...I….want you to…..I….i need you to for both our fucking sakes!”

Vivian “For both of our sakes?”

“Love we have found is crazy…. Mixed up even”

Hitman “That it be all of those and a lot more… please run while you….we have a chance”

Vivian “I had no or little control in choosing who and when I would fall in love with, I have come to realise”

Hitman “Yes exactly I love you and you love me so we now piss off into the sunset and live happily ever after and have half Irish sweet baby Vampires Amen thank you Mary the sweet mother of Christ!”

Vivian “No!”

Hitman “No, yes ,no…..NO!”(He is in a real tiz now)

Hitman “Now look here you crazy bitch of a vampire I have never felt like this for any one like this in my life ...I am in pieces and my military career has just turned to Sherga Shit”

Vivian “Don’t you not think that my world is in turmoil?”(Raises her voice but is strong and controlled)

“I love you and I will always love you”

“There is a bigger picture”

Vivian walks up to the Hitman takes him by the hands and they are now face to face looking one and other

They sing a duet The bigger Picture

Vivian leads

We are part of a bigger picture, a story that is a thousand year in the making.

Moments like these are for the taking

Our hearts are there for the breaking

The bigger picture

A story a thousand years in the making


We are both very much part of a bigger picture

Why wait for the imagery to get any clearer

The picture will carry on long after we have gone

We have each us the reluctant lovers

We step aside to enjoy the ride we don’t know what we may discover

Is that not our part in the bigger picture.


We must play our part

Call it destiny….our place in history

We must play our part

This is no time for matters of the heart

I know what I must do

Don’t follow your heart

Believe in yourself stay true

Vivian and Hitman then sing the first two verses at the same time one line after the other(Vivian leads) taking turns then sing the last verse together

At the end of the song they embrace and kiss for what will be the last time. Vivian lets go of the hitman and gently pushes him away

Vivian “It is time for you to go we each have our parts to play in the bigger picture”

She returns and sits at her throne giving the hitman one last look with a smile and a single tear runs down her cheek

Vivian “please take your place in the bigger picture, do this for me and not forsaking go!”

Hitman still standing holding his arms out as if Vivian was still there

Hitman “I suppose if we are part of the bigger picture that means us two will always be together Eh!”(he gives that cheeky nervous Irish grin and walks away)

Bar scene Hitman is at the bar drowning his sorrows when Alex(Werewolf) finally finds him.

Alex “At last we meet where the fuck have you been?”

Hitman (orders a drink) “Whisky please and whatever poison my good friend here chooses “

Alex “I’ll have a beer thank you”

Hitman “She refuses to run”

Alex “What!”

Hitman “she refuses to run, she is convinced we are all part of one big picture” (He draws an imaginary t.v square in the air and almost falls off the bar stall)

Hitman “I tell you my friend she is as good as dead and there fuck all we can do about this, I love her right...but she is one hell of a stubborn vampire bitch!” (by now the hitman is well on his way to being drunk)

Alex “You told her everything?”

Hitman (Orders another whisky downs it in one) “Times, dates, right up to this is where you I love you and you die bit”

Hitman “tell me Alex have you ever been in love?”

“Something that really got your tail wagging”(he gives off one loud uncontrollable laugh) “Sorry I really didn’t mean it that way” (This time the laugh is a bit more muffled)

Alex “being a werewolf has made my love life impossible but beauty and the beast has become one of my favourite movies”

Hitman (cracks up laughing it is contagious Alex has to join him)

Alex “Serious shaun we need to do something(still giggling) time is running out and so are our options”

Shaun “I guess we must have a wee chat with the Commander” (He slides of his stall pats Alex on the back and disappears out of the bar)

End of scene

The hitman finds the Commander at the front line where he is inspecting the troops and getting updates on the battle plans progress. The hitman has a plan to delay or even postpone the theatre attack.

The Commander is observing the ongoing battle from a command trench. You can hear sporadic machine gun fire, tracers fill the night sky and in the distance you can see on the horizon the lights from explosions and the thud and crump of the shelling

Commander (looking through his bino’s) “They just don’t know when to give in do they?”(He then passes over the bino’s to the hitman who takes his turn to peer through the bino’s)

Hitman “they fight like no tomorrow that they do”

Hitman “Which is quite amazing considering” (A very deliberate pause)

Commander(still staring across the battlefield) “Considering what?”

Hitman “Well according to my source the Queen has fled the theatre, one reason being she felt that the military will be breaking through this very battle ground, the other she needs to regroup

somewhere else ready for the final battle and as for a third reason you would have to be women to understand”

Commande “I must admit this part of the plan has surpassed all expectations, the vampire have thrown everything at us short of their

own coffins”

Commander “So what do you suggest now, let’s say if you were in my boots?”

Hitman “If I were you I would lay siege, a light bombardment and plenty of patrolling to keep the Vampires heads down so to speak”

Commander(He actually looks like he may be considering the hit man’s proposition)

Soldier runner (Comes running up to the Commander offering up a salute) “Sir the vampire are on the counter attack in this section we may have to consider a temporary retreat or send in reinforcement that may not get here in time”

Commander “Excellent let us suck them in further let us retreat”

Commander (pulls out his map) “Soldier tell your squadron leader to pull back to these two points and await my further orders is that clear?”

Soldier runner “Yes SIR!”

The scene continues with soldiers rushing around carrying kit and equipment in full retreat it is controlled chaos, When the Vampires attack

The Commander is preparing to move out along with the hitman who think he has cracked it when Vivian makes a surprise visit that really throws a spanner in the works.

Hitman “O.K. sir i think we best be on our way…..holy shit!”

Vampires appear from all angles you can see Vivian leading the attack soldiers drop everything and try desperately to repel the attack

The hitman naturally moves to defend his commander he produces his twelve bore sawn off and starts to blast away at the Vampires.

Hitman “Sir I really think it would be a good idea to get out of here and leave your boys to do their jobs”