Lucky Stars

Time has its pace

I look you in the face

Fearing time will steal you

Can’t stop

Can’t slow

Or even put it on hold

Once young then suddenly we are now old

Wish I knew what to do

I whisper I love you

I really do

Love you

Kiss you goodbye every morning

Leaving you where you lay

Knowing one of us won’t be here one day

Want to go back to when we were young

Innocent times we had only just begun.

You and me

We have been on a bit of journey

Probably just as well we didn’t see what was coming

May be another direction we would find ourselves running

Blinded by our love and our dreams that was so brightly shining

There were to be key moments in our life that would be defining

We never knew until it was too late

We never knew until it was too late

Probably just as well

We were to survive

Counting our lucky stars that we were alive

Now have a best seller of a story to tell

A story

A story to tell

All rights reserved Mark Smith

I will choose Ed Sheeran for this one I can hear his voice and his guitar playing this song that moves smoothly then speeds up then slows right up. So Ed if your bored and fancy something different....welcome to

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