Born into a world I could never live in

It was a world I wanted to believe in

How I wanted it to be a different story

My enemy was history

I have dreams

How I get there is always a bit of a mystery

Many will point out my faults

They are far

Some painfully close

I can reflect

I can choose and select

Also, I can also neglect

Don't you think I deserve a modicum of respect

I stand alone

Bridges burnt

Lesson after lesson

Heartbrokenly painfully learned

Answers clear

Tasting the fear

Turn my back wipe away the tear

Born into a world I could never live in

Can't lose

Can't win

Born into a world I could believe in

Come to my last breath

It will always be the world I tried to believe in

I could never lose

I could never win

Born into a world I just wanted to believe in

A world I could never live in.

All rights Mark Smith

I saw Mica performing at the Hammersmith Appolo just before he became a mega pop star a real talent and a true professional so if he is stuck for lyrics......welcome to the Ghostsongs.cpm

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